District Staff

Executive Director: Kiana Smith
Director of Student Services: Cherae Nash
District Math Specialist: Shalonda Sherman
District Literacy Specialist: Robyn Elmore
District Early Childhood Specialist: Jennifer Ligon
Director of Operations: Danielle Melton
District Director of Family and Community Partnerships: Angie Walker

TLCS Primary Academy

Principal: Carolyn Statum
Director of Social Emotional Learning: Cynthia Soto
Office Manager: Carisa King

105 East 63rd St North
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74126
Phone: (918) 794-1442
Fax: (918) 794-1480

TLCS Upper Academy 

Principal: Nicole Whiteside
Assistant Principal: Staci Brown
Director of High School Placement: Joan Herron
Office Manager: Joyce Cooper

6001 North Peoria Ave
Tulsa, Oklahoma  74126
Phone: (918) 576-6129
Fax: (918) 619-9497